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Lab Created Diamonds

Pure stones ventured into the eco-friendly world of lab made diamonds to create a more sustainable diamond jewelry industry.

Our goal is to keep our consumers well informed about lab created diamonds so that they have a complete understanding of their purchase/investment, be it a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary gift, or any other special piece of jewelry. 

Lab created diamonds, also called man made or synthetic diamonds, are sensational phenomena of the new age world that is sure to take over the diamond industry, considering how beneficial they are to the environment and consumers alike.

Like natural diamonds formed inside the earth, lab grown diamonds are made in state-of-the-art laboratories by creating the same conditions occurring inside the earth. This modern technology has given rise to brilliant-looking diamonds far better than even the most perfect mined stones.  

After years of research and experimentation, the scientific community found a way to simulate the diamond creation process in laboratories to create identical and perhaps worthier diamonds with the same structural composition as earth-mined stones. These diamonds are made in a shorter period and in much larger numbers to meet the demands of the ever-growing diamond market while also providing a solution to the environmental and ethical problems that the diamond mining trade is known for. 

Lab diamonds comprise carbon atoms that come together to form the structural composition of a mined stone. The lab diamond created is so pure that even an experienced eye can sometimes not tell the difference. Lab created diamonds are also better priced and cost much less than mined stones making them the perfect budget-friendly option for all your diamond and jewelry buys. 


  • Table of Earth Mined & Lab Created Diamond Remains The Same.
  • Just change the word, Earth Mined to NATURAL DIAMOND
  • And Change the word Lab Created Diamond to LAB MADE DIAMOND

Why Choose a Pure Stone Lab Made Diamond?

Our laboratory environments are conducive and created with the utmost safety measures so that all employed can work comfortably. We produce only the finest colorless and fancy colored pure carbon diamonds as we use diamond-creating procedures owned by us. 

Every diamond produced in our laboratories is eco-friendly and conflict-free. They are priced at affordable rates and are created by a workforce that does not experience any form of human rights abuse. You can be sure that a diamond purchased at Pure Stones is a certified diamond of the finest quality, perfect for you.

  1. Exceptional Beauty:
    Pure Stones’ lab made diamonds are of top-notch quality that passes all the diamond 4 C’s, guaranteeing the diamond you pick excels even the most beautiful mined diamonds. Our lab made diamonds have a clarity up to IF (Internally Flawless). We also have a range of diamonds graded up to grade D with pristine cuts and carat sizes that you can buy according to your style, preference, and budget. We also provide a variety of diamond shapes available in colors white, yellow, blue, and pink. With such a spectacular range available with us, you are sure to find your perfect diamond.   
  2. Outstanding Quality:
    Eco-Friendly lab grown diamonds at Pure Stones are created at leading laboratories of the highest standards. The diamonds obtained are of the purest form. They have more brilliance and are much harder than type 1a stones. In comparison, only two percent of mined diamonds are available. Our diamonds are also graded and certified by world-renowned gemological labs that operate independently and grade mined stones. 
  3. Absolute Value:
    Lab grown diamonds can cost up to 50% less than mined stones. But this doesn’t mean you get a deal where you save a little money per carat. If you hear of such an offer, you should not take it as it is a bad deal. At Pure stones, you get a quality diamond priced lesser than a mined diamond. 
  4. 100% Conflict Free:
    Lab grown diamonds at Pure Stones are naturally conflict-free diamonds as they are created in laboratories making your purchase a conscious buy.