Corporate Social Responsibility

Our industrial facility perceives that addressing the accompanying common liberties issues connected to our business tasks comprises a fundamental part of our social obligation.

We take the following Social Responsibilities very seriously and go to vital lengths to ensure the below as a priority –

  • Employee Health and Safety as a priority
  • Elimination of forced labor and child labor
  • Reduction of inequality and discrimination

We think that everyone should contribute to Social and Environmental Regulations, thus our cutting and polishing and CVD Growing activities are Carbon Neutral, and we have a certificate from Adani Electricity ( Adani Green) indicating the same for our Renewable Energy. We also have Stringent Policies for the Social Norms and Regulations.

With the finest of technology, Scientists, Policies and Work Ethics, and Skilled Workers inherited under one roof, we promise to give the Best Pricing, Superior services, consistent supply, and better quality than anyone in the industry with the added benefit of being Completely Green.