Ethical Business Policy


Timeless Craftsmanship with superior quality and Contemporary Designs


  • Conduct the Business Ethically and Responsibly
  • No Bribery & Facilitation Payments to gain any unfair business advantage
  • Adhere to AML & CFT Regulations
  • Prevent use of Conflict Minerals
  • Comply with KP and World Diamond Council System of Warranties
  • Conduct Supply Chain due diligence as per OECD Guidelines
  • No support to Child Labour / Forced Labour
  • No Discrimination amongst Employees
  • Provide equal opportunity for growth to all employees
  • Uphold Fundamental Human Rights and the Rights of Employees
  • Provide a clean, safe and Healthy work place
  • Reduce Environmental Impact of Operations
  • Control use of Hazardous substances
  • Comply with all Applicable Statutory & Regulatory requirements

Ankit Poddar – Owner
1st January 2022